• Stated Income Loans

    We are looking for quality properties and sponsors, owner user, investor sponsors or corporate entities that need a Stated Income Mortgage Loan solution for acquisition, rate and term commercial refinance or cash out. Most multifamily properties, such as apartment complexes, senior housing, assisted living facilities and student housing mortgages, are considered on a nationwide basis.
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  • Multifamily Refinance

    Now offering a variety of Stated Income Loans solutions for multifamily financing including stated income loans and bridge financing for multifamily apartment housing communities. In addition, we have low fixed & ARM multifamily rates for permanent portfolio financing,  agency financing for properties located in average to above-average locations nationwide.
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  • Commercial Refinance using Stated Income

    Over 30 years of experience allows us to underwrite IN HOUSE and offer stated income loans for commercial properties in most of the United States. In addition, we offer several portfolio programs for low fixed & ARM commercial mortgage rates or more permanent financing.
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Know About Direct Money Lenders

Direct Money Lenders Inc. is a private equity, non bank lender that originates, underwrites, and sells commercial stated income mortgage loans to home builders, commercial developers and commercial property owners, nationwide. From new acquisition, commercial refinance, cash out, or placing permanent commercial mortgages Direct Money Lenders can be relied upon. Borrowers with a combination of good net worth, decent credit demonstration, track record from the sponsor is important, as we make common sense underwriting decisions.

Performing our own due diligence using Stated Income much faster than a bank, frequently granting conditional loan approvals within a few days. Closings typically occur within 30 days. Since no two loans are the same, Direct Money Lenders prices its commercial refinance loans specifically to each transaction. Prices are quoted only after a loan has been thoroughly evaluated and researched.

Direct Money Lenders provides Stated Income financing for commercial projects such as: Retail, Office, Mixed Use, Light Industrial, Self Storage Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Mobile Home Parks, Multifamily Apartments, SFR’s(1-4unit),

Our private, direct lending firm has been always used stated income to underwrite our files and have been working with borrowers and referring sources on a national footprint for over 15 years. Direct Money Lenders, Inc., understands the challenges and opportunities our clients face. More than ever, today’s borrowers live in a constantly-changing market environment where timing is critical and quick execution is crucial. Delays in commitments and closing are deal killers. When comparing approvals, take the time to calculate the payment on the different approvals. Don’t just look at the rate. Look at the cash flow and profitability and then compare these with your goal for the investment. Also, ask your commercial mortgage professional about unique loan programs, like a non-recourse loan. This is a popular product and most local banks do not offer it. You will be surprised at what you find when you simply crunch the numbers and solicit good advice.

We are here to serve you and look forward to answering any questions you, the borrower, broker, or other professional referring source has for us. Contact us today!

We are here to serve you and look forward to answering any questions you, the borrower, broker, or other professional referring source has for us. Contact us today!

Contact us today!

Stated Income Property Loans

Fund in weeks not months with No Tax Returns using our Stated Income apartment building loan.  We can also use the same Stated Income to underwrite Commercial property types such as Retail, Office, Mixed use  – Self storage, Mobile Home Parks.  Stated Income Financing can be used for Purchase – Refinance and Cash Out of Commercial income producing projects Nationwide.

Stated Income Mobile Home Park Financing

Can be underwritten as a multifamily product with slightly higher spreads. Depending on the quality and location of the mobile home park. Bridge Loan money is available for Purchase, Refinance, and Cash out with very competitve programs – Bridge loans are available for virtually any type of borrower or park condition.

Hard Money Loans

Programs available for people or properties that do not conform to traditional or bankable transactions. Hard money loans are used for a variety reasons such as time sensitive closings, poor credit, high vacancy rates, poor property conditions, lack of proven income etc. Most property types are considered including: commercial, multifamily, apartment, land loans – Purchase – Commercial Refinance – Cash out.

We have 50 Years

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Our Team

Jennifer Abshire

CCO – General Partner

Jennifer Abshire is the Senior Analyst and Marketing Manager of Rental Home Financing. Jennifer is responsible for credit and collateral risk management for the firm and brings several years of banking experience that encompasses commercial and real estate financing.

Doug Goins

CMO – General Partner – National Sales Director

Doug has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and real estate investing. As the Managing Director and Head of Marketing and Business Development for Direct Money Lenders Inc., Doug provides decades of expertise in real estate lending practices.

Michelle Barnett Analyst

Senior Transactional Manager

Michelle is the Senior Analyst and Transactional Manager of Rental Home Financing. She is the expert liaison during the underwriting and due diligence process, and manages the transaction process from start to closing.

Chris O’Connor

Sales Director

As the sales manager, Chris helps with originating our various investment products, including our revolutionary Second Generation Securitization Product.

Robert Robey

Sales Associate

Rob has solid experience directing loan functions, setting expectations with the customer and managing our clients throughout the entire process.

Jay Whiters

Chief Marketing Officer

Jay comes to RHF with an extensive background in marketing and communications, helping to analyze market trends to strategize and create content, while anticipating and meeting our clients’ needs.